Brand New The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows
Bush Everything Zen
Mariah Carey We Belong Together (SC Arrangement)
Chevelle The Red
Cracker Low
Dave Matthews Band Typical Situation
Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence / U2 Ultraviolet (SC Mash-Up)
Everlast What it's Like
Fall Out Boy Sugar, We're Going Down
Filter Hey Man Nice Shot
The Flies Got You Where I Want You
Foo Fighters Everlong
Green Day Basket Case
K's Choice Addict
The Killers - Mr. Brightside
Lit Miserable
Lit My Own Worst Enemy
Linkin Park Somewhere I Belong
Live White, Discussion
My Chemical Romance Helena
New Found Glory All Down Hill From Here
Oasis Live Forever
Pearl Jam Alive
Pearl Jam Animal
Pearl Jam - Black
Radiohead Creep
Simple Plan Perfect
Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock
Smile Empty Soul - Bottom of a Bottle
Social Distortion - Ball and Chain
Soul Asylum - Somebody to Shove
Stone Temple Pilots - Plush
Stroke 9 Little Black Backpack
Sublime - Santaria
Switchfoot Meant to Live
Taking Back Sunday A Decade Under the Influence
Third Eye Blind Graduate
Third Eye Blind - How's It Gonna Be?
Tool - Sober
Velvet Revolver Fall To Pieces

Original Songs:
Dayton is for Lovers
Die by Submersion in and Inhalation of...
It's Not What We Wanted (But It's What We've Got)
Godot Noshow
More Dead
Pleasant Sort of Emptiness
Signs of Night